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Botox®, an anti-wrinkle medicine, can be placed in the muscles and completely relaxes these muscles and the wrinkles they cause. The treatment is a very simple, relatively painless and quick, in-office treatment that requires no time off and you look fine the same day.
common questions
Q: How popular are BOTOX® wrinkle treatments?
A: The use of Botox® for wrinkle prevention continues to skyrocket. In the past five years, the number of patients using Botox® has increased over 2300%!

Q: I am an account executive who does a lot of computer work. By the end of the day, after squinting and focusing at my computer, I have creases between by eyebrows that just won't go away and am left with a tension headache. I get frequent comments from my coworkers and family that I look angry when I'm not. Can you help me?
A: Botox®, an anti-wrinkle medicine, can be placed in the frown muscles and completely relaxes these muscles and the wrinkles they cause. The treatment is very simple, relatively painless and a quick, in-office treatment that requires no time off and you look fine the same day. It relaxes the muscles so you can no longer frown and therefore it eliminates the angry or scowly appearance.

Q: What can I expect to see with a BOTOX® treatment?
A: 1) YOU LOOK BETTER while using your facial muscles, such as smiling or talking, because those areas that had wrinkles or bunching of skin are now smooth.
YOU LOOK BETTER while your facial muscles are relaxed because the wrinkles have softened significantly or disappeared completely.
YOU PREVENT WRINKLES because wrinkles cannot form when muscles are relaxed and the skin is not being pulled on.
RESULTS: Improved appearance and wrinkle prevention in a few minutes, and you leave the office looking fine.

Q: How long has BOTOX® been used?
A: Botox® has been used since the early 1980's. Dr. Carruthers, a Canadian ophthalmologist, began using it for eyelid or facial twitching. It was noticed by the patients that their wrinkles went away. Dr. Carruthers was interviewed nationally by "20/20" and "Dateline" regarding the spectacular results of Botox®. I too, met with Dr. Carruthers when I began using Botox®. Also interviewed were several patients who were very happy with the wonderful results they received from Botox®.

Q: Dr. Kramer, I understand you were the first plastic surgeon in our area to treat patients with BOTOX®. How long have you been doing it?
A: To the best of my knowledge, I was the first plastic surgeon in our area to use Botox®. I was instructed by Dr. Carruthers, the physician who developed Botox® for cosmetic use, in 1996. I have treated patients ever since and the number of satisfied patients has only continued to grow.

Q: What wrinkles can I use BOTOX® for?
A: The 3 most commonly treated areas are the frown lines, crow's feet and forehead wrinkles. Also, Botox® treatments for vertical lip lines has continued to become increasingly popular.

Q: How long does BOTOX® last?
A: Botox® will relax the muscles for 3 to 6 months. At that time, if you've broken the habit of frowning you would not need to repeat it. The crow's feet or forehead lines are usually not the result of a habit and often are repeated to maintain the smooth appearance Botox® produces. However, many patients report the effects of Botox® to be lasting up to 9 months after repeating the treatment a few times.

Q: Why is BOTOX® different from other treatments?
A: Botox® is different from other options because it is non-surgical and can prevent wrinkles. Prevention is something more people today are interested in pursuing. Botox® will not only make you look better now, but will PREVENT any of these wrinkles from occurring in the future.

Q: Are there any side effects of BOTOX®?
A: There has NEVER been any permanent side effects, allergic reactions or illnesses associated with this treatment.

Q: Why do some people get frown lines and some don't?
A: Even though everyone has frown muscles, some have the habit of frowning and some don't. Frown lines are examples of "active muscle lines" which means the muscles are constantly pulling on the skin in the same place over and over, causing wrinkles. Botox® blocks the ability to frown, thereby eliminating the habit. Crow's feet and forehead lines are also examples of "active muscle lines" that some people get and can also be treated with Botox®.

Q: I heard that BOTOX® can make headaches go away. Is this true?
A: Yes, several of our patients with a history of tension headaches have noticed their headaches are significantly reduced or go away completely. The relaxation of the muscles seems to have a direct effect on relieving the tension.

Q: Are there any age limits to having a BOTOX® treatment?
Botox can be used on virtually any age group.

Q: I'm afraid I won't look natural if I use BOTOX® to eliminate and prevent wrinkles, is this true?
A: You look completely natural when using Botox® to improve your appearance. No one can tell who is using it and who isn't.

  • "I'm very interested in looking as good as I can for as long as I can. Botox® is one of the perfect ways to accomplish this with very little cost and no down time."
  • "People were always asking me, 'What's wrong' because of the angry look of my frown lines, but not anymore! The results I have from Botox® is a rested, relaxed look without the nasty lines. I love it, thanks Dr. Kramer!"
  • "Having crows feet eliminated with Botox® has taken years off my face!"
  • "Having my frown muscles relaxed with Botox® makes it impossible for me to frown, even if I try. Even my tension headaches are gone!
  • "I love what Botox® has done for me. I've got a family function coming up and I'm actually looking forward to it!"
  • "I hated always wearing my hair down on my forehead to cover all the lines. Now since Botox®, my forehead and frown lines are gone and I fell free to wear my hair anyway I like!"
  • "It's amazing how so many people are commenting on how rested I look. They can't figure it out!"
  • "I love the idea of not only eliminating the wrinkles now, but preventing wrinkles in the future!"
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