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The appearance of high cheekbones is a very desirable look for both men and women. Just look at any male or female model and you'll see the sculpted look of high cheekbones and a thin lower face. This is what society sees as attractive, or else they wouldn't be making a living based on their appearance. I realize the majority of people don't plan on becoming models, but don't feel bad if you find this look attractive, because you're not the only one.
common questions
Q: I'd like higher cheekbones, but I don't want to look fake like some people I've seen on TV. Does this have to happen?
A: No. Three factors will prevent the phony "stuck on" cheek you're referring to:
1. Cheek implant size; Cheek implants come in different sizes and the proper size needs to be selected.
2. Proper placement; The implant needs to be placed in the proper location. This placement should be on the most prominent aspect of the cheekbone, which is usually located below the outer corner of the eye.
3. Proper patient selection; Most people would like higher cheekbones, but not everyone should have cheek implants. The whole face needs to be considered. For example, if you're lacking facial definition because of fat in the face, then excess fat is the problem that should be primarily treated. Taking all the above factors into consideration, someone getting cheek implants should have higher cheekbones with a natural contour.

Is it true you don't have to have a scar to get cheek implants?
A: A small incision needs to be made, however, I prefer to place it inside the mouth so there are no visible scars.

I have very flat cheekbones. My face is completely flat from below my eyes and down my face. I think this gives me a sad appearance. Is this possible?
A: Yes. Although many people may describe it differently, having flat cheekbones can give a long, drawn look to the face that many describe as looking sad. When we smile, we see more prominence in the cheekbone region, so a natural fullness here can easily be associated with a happier look.

How much time would I need to take off work to get cheek implants? (I don't want anyone to know I'm doing it.)
A: Most patients would take off about 1 week. With proper placement and size, you will look completely natural, so no one will know.

  • "What a wonderful change having cheek implants has made. My face now has a beautiful sculpted look."
  • "Having cheek implants has given me the look I've always wanted and never thought I could have. They make me feel beautiful, thanks Dr. Kramer!"
  • "My face used to look so flat. Now I have defined cheekbones that give my face a wonderful contour."
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