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Many people who have skin with uneven texture, fine lines and wrinkles would like it smoothed. CO2 laser resurfacing can improve these texture problems by vaporizing the outer surface of the damaged skin, allowing brand new collagen to be formed, resulting in smoother texture. This same principle of new collagen smoothing your skin also helps to improve the irregular texture of acne scarred skin.
common questions
Q: How will CO2 laser reduce my wrinkles?
A: CO2 laser resurfacing removes the first layer of skin, allowing new collagen to be formed and minimizing surface wrinkles and improving the overall texture.

Q: When I was younger, I was out in the sun alot and also used tanning beds to keep my suntan. I no longer tan my skin, but the years of exposure has left my lower eyelid skin with a crepy texture and full of fine lines. I've heard that this skin can be improved with CO2 laser. Is this true?
A: Yes. CO2 laser works great at resurfacing the lower eyelid and smoothing the fine lines and crepy. It's great that you are no longer tanning your skin. I personally don't recommend CO2 laser for anyone who will continue to tan their skin.

Q: How long do I need to take off work for CO2 laser resurfacing?
A: Hide-out time for full face CO2 laser resurfacing is usually 14 days and for lower eyelids, 7-10 days. Your face is usually pink for 6-8 weeks, but this is usually covered easily with a little make-up.

Q: I've been told that I need a facelift. Can laser resurfacing take away the wrinkles and loose skin in my face?
A: Laser resurfacing cannot be a substitute for a facelift. There are two kinds of wrinkles; those that are from loose skin and wrinkles that are actual lines or texture changes in the skin. For the best result, the cause of the problem should be identified and addressed. Facelifts remove loose skin. Laser resurfacing does not remove skin. It is smoothing fine lines and improving the overall texture of the skin. If you don't treat the primary cause of the problem, you will only compromise the result.

Q: Years of acne scarring has left my face with a bumpy, irregular surface texture. My acne is no longer a problem, but I feel so self-conscious about the acne scars. Can CO2 laser resurfacing help?
A: Yes. CO2 laser resurfacing removes the surface layer of skin allowing new collagen to be formed and minimizing the depressions from the scars. With the scar depressions more shallow, the overall texture can be remarkably improved.

  • "I loved the sun and paid the price on my lower eyelid skin. Laser helped me regain a smoother, more youthful texture!"
  • "After years of dealing with acne scarring, because of Dr. Kramer, I now have smoother, clearer looking skin."
  • "I used to have such horrible texture on my eyelids, just like crepe paper. Laser has really helped give my eyes a more youthful look."
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