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Fillers have been used for many years to fill in and plump up lines or depressions such as smile lines, scars, down turned or sunken corners of the mouth. Around the mouth, fillers eliminate or soften vertical lip wrinkles and plump the lips for a full, natural look.

Many patient's who want fuller lips fear the overdone look of some celebrities. Lips can easily be made fuller and sexier without anyone knowing and you'll look completely natural.


Q: What can filler improve?
A: There are so many incredible improvements filler can make. Here are some examples of the great improvements you will see with filler:
  • Eliminate or soften wrinkles of any kind
  • Plump up anything sunken or depressed
  • Smooth smile lines (the sunken line running from the nose to the corner of the mouth)
  • Plump up marionette lines (the sunken line running from the corner of the mouth to the jaw line)
  • Enlarge lips that are genetically thin
  • Enhance lips that have shrunk due to aging
  • Fill in cheek hollows
  • Augment a weak chin (instead of a chin implant)
  • Sculpt and add definition to cheek bones
  • Strengthen a jaw line
  • Fill in temple hollows
  • Improve scars
  • Improve contour and definition of the nose
Q: What are fillers made of?
A: The term "filler" is a generic word to describe a product that plumps the area it's applied to. Most fillers are made of Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is the wonderful substance our skin makes naturally to keep it looking smooth, moist, and wrinkle-free. It does this by attracting and holding water to it. When our skin slows its production of Hyaluronic Acid, our skin starts to wrinkle, thin, and develop depressions and sunken areas. When you plump up an area with filler, you are making that area look the way it used to look or the way you always wanted it to.

Q: Are there different brands of fillers?
A: Yes. There are many types and brands of fillers. Examples include: Juvederm XC®, Juvederm Ultra XC®, Juvederm Voluma XC®, Restylane®, Restylane-L®, Restylane Lyft XC®, Restylane Silk®, Perlane®, Artefill®, Artecoll®, and Bellafill®.

Q: Why do we hear so much about fillers today?
A: In the past, the products that existed to plump up lips and wrinkles only lasted 3-6 months and did not give a consistent, stable result over the few months it lasted. Today, there are many great fillers that are long lasting and give a very natural improvement. The beautiful result you get is stable and stays the same for the duration. The results and longevity are so exceptional; the current fillers are skyrocketing in use.

Q: How long will my filler last?
A: FDA approval for most fillers is 12-24 months. Fortunately, many patients report it lasting much longer.

Q: Can you tell by touching your face where the filler is?
A: No. Filler feels so soft and natural you will not be able to feel it by touching your skin.

Q: Is it true there is numbing medicine in fillers?
A: Yes. Most fillers do have numbing medicine in them. Most patients have noticed a significant improvement since the numbing agent was added.

Q: I am in my late 20's, but look very tired. I thought it was because of my eyes, but how could I need my eyelids done when I am so young?
A: You probably do not need your eyelids done. I have several patients who describe exactly what you are saying. It can be due to the bone structure in your cheeks. If you inherited a flat bone structure under your eyes, the bone does not curve outward to give you a noticeable cheek bone. There are no "apples" to your cheeks. The "apples" of the cheeks are the areas of the cheeks directly below your lower eyelids. When this area is flat it gives a very tired look to your eyes. It can actually create an illusion that your eyes and face are being pulled downward and can even make you look sad. The "apples" of the cheeks can be missing or flat because of genetics and/or aging. This is an area that shrinks and flattens with age resulting in a negative change in your appearance. Luckily it is very easy to sculpt the cheek area with fillers, specifically designed for the cheek area only. With these cheek fillers I can sculpt beautiful cheek bones and create "apples" to the cheeks. Most of the cheek fillers are lasting 2 years! It's incredible!

Q: Can you wear makeup following a filler treatment?
A: Yes. You can immediately apply makeup if you desire.

Q: Who injects the filler?
A: I, Dr. Kramer, always inject the filler myself. This is very important. If you think about it, the person injecting should be very artistic because he or she is sculpting your lips. Also that person needs to have an excellent knowledge of anatomy to keep you looking completely natural. Unfortunately, at most doctor's offices the doctors themselves do not do the injections. If it were me, I would always want the plastic surgeon to be the person injecting.

Q: Will it hurt to get filler?
A: Most of the fillers already contain numbing medicine in them to reduce any discomfort. Most of my patients are surprised at how pleasant the experience is. Everyone looks better with fuller lips, sculpted facial definition, and fewer wrinkles!

Q: Is filler affordable?
A: Yes. Filler comes in pre-packaged tubes and the cost depends on the look you want to achieve and how many tubes are used to get it which will be discussed at your free consultation. The best part is that I do not charge more for injecting the filler myself. I have over 20 years of experience injecting filler. My goal is to give you beautiful results that you will be thrilled with!

Q: Is it true fillers result in permanent improvement?
A: Yes. Although fillers are approved for a specified period of time that the treatment will last (usually 12-24 months,) there are several patients I have treated that felt their results lasted much longer and even permanently. Fillers are a great and simple way to get significant improvement in your appearance without surgery and little to no down time.

Q: I feel like my face is round and has no definition. Can fillers help improve this?
A: Yes. Fillers work great to sculpt and add definition to any face shape. It is beautiful!

Q: How long after a filler treatment does it take to see my results?
A: Immediately! You can see the improvement right away and it usually only continues to improve over time.
  • "I love the sexy fullness filler is able to give me. My friends say I look great, but can't quite put their finger on what is different. I love it!"
  • "My smile lines were so dark and shadowy that they made me look old. Filler has instantly changed this and has given me the smooth contour I wanted to have."
  • "I absolutely love the look that filler has given me! Now I have the full, luscious lips that I have always longed for."
  • "I used to have horrible lip lines and hated the way my lipstick ran. Filler has given me the fullness that eliminated the lip lines and gives me beautiful and sexy lips."
  • "The corners of my mouth were beginning to turn down and dark shadows there only made it worse. Filler helped to push up the corners of my mouth so I don't look sad anymore, thanks Dr. Kramer!"
  • "I never realized you could lose the fullness in your lips. I'm so happy there is something I could do about it and that it doesn't require surgery."
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