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permanent cosmetics
Permanent cosmetics is a procedure that places pigment or color into the skin where you would normally apply makeup or lipstick so you don't have to. Full lip color can be applied to the lips to give you vibrant, lasting color. Eyeliner can be used to enhance the eyelashes and can also be extended to give a smooth, eye-defining contour. The eyebrows can be shaped and color applied to enhance a beautifully arched eyebrow. The end result is radiant eyes and luxurious lips, even without makeup on!
common questions
Q. I don't go anywhere without my makeup. I feel absolutely naked without it. It sounds crazy, but I truly feel to self-conscious about my appearance without makeup. Could permanent cosmetics be for me?
A: Frequently women choose permanent cosmetics because of these very concerns. Many women are very self-conscious without makeup and do not feel as comfortable about their appearance. Permanent cosmetics can give you the freedom to go anywhere anytime and feel comfortable, knowing that your permanent cosmetics are looking great 24 hours a day!

My lips are very pale and thin. How can permanent cosmetics help me?
A: Permanent lip color will intensify your lips, so it looks like you're wearing lipstick all the time. With thin lips this is especially important because having color helps make them more noticeable. In addition, permanent cosmetics can also be used on the lips to augment the lip margins, giving a fuller more attractive lip. If the lips are exceptionally thin, you could always consider collagen to fill and plump them.

I have a crooked lip line. Can permanent cosmetics improve this?
A: Yes. Many people have a slightly asymmetric lip line. Most women correct this with lipstick or a lip pencil. Permanent lip color can be used to give your lips symmetry and better definition, creating beautiful lips that stay perfect all the time.

Can you be too old to have permanent cosmetics?
A: No, as long as you're 18 years old, you can enjoy the lasting color and beauty of permanent cosmetics!

I have eyes that tend to look tired all the time. I know I look much better with makeup but I never fell comfortable at applying it. I really don't want to bother with it every day.
A: Permanent cosmetics are perfect for the person who either isn't comfortable with makeup application or just doesn't want to be bothered with it. Giving the eyes more definition with eyebrow and eyeliner application may be just what you're looking for to perk up your eyes and keep them that way!

Q: I
have a terrible vertical lip wrinkles and my lipstick bleeds into them and looks messy. I know the skin smoothing laser could reduce these wrinkles but I don't want to have surgery. Can permanent lip liner and lip color help me?
A: Yes. Lipstick bleed is a terrible problem and only women who have this problem truly understand it. Permanent cosmetics eliminates messy lipstick bleed and the resulting messy look it leaves. Full permanent lip color would be a tremendous convenience for you and a wonderful way to have your lips look their best at all times.

I have alot of trouble applying eyeliner. It usually looks uneven, jagged and sometimes by the time I get it smooth enough, it's too thick. What can I do?
A: Permanent eyeliner not only is extremely convenient and removes the burden of daily eyeliner application, but is exceptionally precise, smooth and even. This leaves you with your maximum appearance at all times!

I have very oily skin and tend to rub my eyes alot. When I wear eyeliner, it always smears under my eyes and looks awful! Can permanent cosmetics make a difference for me?
A: Yes. Permanent eyeliner can be applied to both the upper and lower eyelids and will define the eye area, giving a lasting, clear definition to your eyes. No matter how much you rub your eyes or how oily your skin is, your permanent eyeliner will always look fresh and precise.

I have a very pale complexion. I have blue eyes with blond eyelashes and eyebrows. Can permanent cosmetics be applied so it doesn't look to obvious or harsh?
A: Yes. Permanent cosmetics to the lips, eyes, and eyebrows can be applied to look very soft and subtle. Everyone's preference for how much or how little color they desire is unique and you need to communicate your wishes clearly. It helps if you wear makeup to your consultation and also bring your colors along for color analysis. Occasionally a patient may be wearing a color that is not suited for them. This then gives the opportunity to improve on a color and make other recommendations. Your finished look will be soft and natural, enhancing your natural features.

I'm allergic to most makeup. Can permanent cosmetics be answer to my problem?
A: Yes. Many patients have a sensitive eye are and cannot tolerate eye makeup. Permanent cosmetics may easily be the solution. The end result is radiant eyes, even without makeup.

After years of plucking incorrectly, my eyebrows are now patchy and look uneven. Can anything be done to fix them?
A: Yes, with permanent cosmetics, bald or patchy areas can be filled in and blended with the remainder of the eyebrow. The eyebrows are an important cosmetic tool to enhance your eyes. At the time of treatment, the eyebrows are trimmed and shaped to open up the eye area and give a smooth contour. Color is specially selected to match the patient's skin tone and hair color. Proper eyebrow shaping and enhancing the eyebrow color with permanent cosmetics can make an impressive improvement on the appearance if your eyes.

Should I have my eyebrows shaped before coming in for permanent cosmetics to my eyebrows?
A: No. The shaping of your eyebrows will be done at the same time the permanent cosmetic eyebrow enhancement is performed.

I heard that you can have permanent cosmetics applied between your eyelashes do you look like you have more eyelashes. Is this true?
A: Yes, its called lash enhancement. The permanent cosmetics are placed between the eyelashes, making them look fuller and thicker. Whether you have thin skinny lashes or thick eyelashes, it's always a significant improvement!

  • "Dr. Kramer has such a great eye. She knew just the right color and shape for my lips. It's even better than the lip color I used before. I am so thrilled!"
  • "For the first time in my life, I can wake up feeling beautiful."
  • "Having permanent lip color gives my lips such better definition. They actually look fuller!"
  • "What a difference permanent eyeliner makes! There's no more eyeliner smeared under my eyes!"
  • "I love the look of wearing lipstick, but my lip wrinkles, lipstick just ran into them and looked messy. Now my lip line looks smooth and crisp all the time!"
  • "I always hated doing my eyebrows. It's wonderful to have them looking great all the time!"
  • "I used to struggle to get my eyeliner right. Now it not only looks great, but it stays put too!"
  • "I love my lips. It looks like I'm wearing lipstick all the time. They're full, bright and beautiful!"
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