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Normal Anatomy
A - Philtral Columns - The vertical ridges above the lip

B - Points to Upper Lip

C - Dimple

The 2 main reasons people have thin lips are genetics and aging. If it's genetics, it means you probably had very small, flat lips your whole life. The lip changes seen with aging can be:

1. Thinning of the lips, especially the upper lip. It can actually look like the upper lip is disappearing.

2. Flattening of the upper lip, so you lose the points (B) to the upper lip line.

3. Flattening and elongating of the area above your upper lip. You lose the vertical ridges (A) above your lip and the dimple (C) that's naturally found between the points of the upper lip.

4. Lengthening of the area between your nose and upper lip.The distance between your nose and lip actually increases which partially covers and hides your front teeth. Even when you smile, you can't see your upper or front teeth as much as you used to.

I find that most patients would like fuller lips. The reasons vary, whether it's aging, genetics or just a desire to have a more youthful, sexier look. The most common fear is that they will look too large, unnatural or artificial like some famous celebrities we've all seen.

Lip augmentation can be done safely and leave you with a great, sexy and natural look. When performed correctly, keeping the natural lip anatomy in mind, no one can tell who has it and who doesn't.

Everyone looks better with fuller lips! A great, sexy look is to have fuller lips without crossing a natural line where you look fake or artificial.

There are two great options to enhance your lips. Fat injections and filler injections. Fat injections have become more popular because of new techniques that have been developed. The advantage of fat injections is that it is from your own body and it can be permanent. The concept behind fat grafting is that your body grows a blood supply to the fat that is injected and it can then become permanently fuller.

There are many great injectable fillers that are available to plump lips. For example, Juvederm XC®, Juvederm Ultra XC®, Restylane-L®, Restylane Silk®, Artefill(TM) or Artecoll(TM), and Bellafill®. This is a quick in-office treatment with little to no downtime, where the filler is injected with a very small needle. The lips can be plumped and you easily maintain a natural look by enhancing or re-creating the natural anatomy of the lips. This means besides enlarging the lips, you can enhance the points to the upper lip line and also re-create the philtral columns (the two vertical ridges above your upper lip.) It can be specifically placed to soften or eliminate wrinkles, including vertical lip lines. The entire upper lip, as well as the mouth, can be lifted to give a happier and sexier look.

An advantage of filler is that it is injectable which means placement can be extremely precise. With this precision, the natural anatomy can be enhanced or recreated which is the key to keeping a natural look.

Lip enhancement can be done in ways that may look unnatural, but this does not have to be the case. With expertise and precision, a natural and sexy look can be easily obtained.


Q: I never had lips! My lips are so thin, just like most of the people in my family. Would filler work for me?

A. Yes. Thin lips can be genetic and as a result you inherited them. However, that does not mean they have to stay that way! I have never seen lips that could not be improved, no matter how thin they started out.

Q: I would love to have larger lips but I'm afraid of looking like some of those crazy people on TV. Does it have to look so obvious that you had your lips done?
A: No. Any cosmetic treatment or procedure can be done to make you look great or look foolish, so it is very important to know that the Doctor injecting the filler is a good listener and knows what you want. Also it is very important that the Doctor has the experience, knowledge and ability to give you what you want. I have always focused on lips for over 20 years! Before it was the "in" thing to do. It's common sense that every woman looks better with lips, whether it is a lot more or a little more is up to you. I'm here to make you happy and give you exactly what you want!

Q: How long will my lips last?
A: FDA approval for most fillers is 12 months. Fortunately, many patients report it lasting much longer.

Q: Who injects the filler?
A: I, Dr. Kramer, always inject the filler myself. This is very important. If you think about it, the person injecting should be very artistic because he or she is sculpting your lips. Also that person needs to have an excellent knowledge of anatomy to keep you looking completely natural. Unfortunately, at most doctor's offices the Doctors themselves do not do the injections. If it were me, I would always want the plastic surgeon to be the person injecting.

Q: Will it hurt to get filler in my lips?
A: I always numb the whole upper lip, which is the most sensitive area of your mouth. You will feel nothing once it is numb. Most of the fillers already contain numbing medicine in them to further reduce any discomfort. Most of my patients are surprised at how pleasant the experience is. Everyone looks better with fuller lips and fewer wrinkles!

Q: I used to have great lips and now they are gone! What happened?
A: As we age, there are areas on our faces that shrink. One of those areas is the lips. The area where lipstick goes shrinks, the lips flatten, and they don't project like they used to. All of the pretty curves of the lips and mouth disappear, making us look sad and older. It is so easy to plump the lips up to what you used to have or maybe even a little more!

Q: Will I need to take off work to have my lips done?
A: No. The average patient will have some swelling that may be noticeable for no more than 24 hours. Most people have no trouble planning a night where they won't be seen. If someone does not have 24 hours, then I can build the lips more slowly so there is less swelling.

Q: What will I look like if I never repeat a lip enhancement?
A: You will look the same as you did prior to your first lip filler treatment.

Q: The corners of my mouth are turned downward and it makes me look like I am sad. Can anything be done to correct this?
A: Yes. The corners of the mouth can be turned downward because it is the anatomy you inherited or because it occurred with aging. Filler can be used to lift the corners and give you a happier and more youthful look.

Q: Is lip enhancement affordable?
A: Yes. Filler comes in pre-packaged tubes and many patients only need one tube of filler to achieve the lips they've always dreamed of. The best part is that I do not charge more for injecting the filler myself. I have over 20 years of experience injecting filler. My goal is to give you beautiful lips that you will be thrilled with!

Q: I have vertical lip wrinkles. Why would I get these wrinkles when I never smoked?
A: Vertical lip wrinkles develop for many different reasons. They can be genetic and you simply inherited them, or they can be caused by repetitive muscle movements like pursing your lips when smoking, drinking from a straw, or even whistling. No matter what caused them they can always be softened or disappear with filler.

Q: My lips are not super thin, but I think they would look better a little larger. Can this be done and still look natural?
A: Yes. It is very easy to get natural looking, yet full lips. I think the prettiest result is when the lips are full and sexy, but not crossing a natural line so that no one knows you had your lips enhanced and why you look so good!

  • "I love the sexy fullness filler is able to give me. My friends say that I look great, but can't quite put their finger on what is different. I love it!"
  • "I absolutely love the look that filler has given me! Thanks to Dr. Kramer's help, I have the full, luscious lips that I have always longed for."
  • "I used to have horrible lip lines and hated the way my lipstick ran. Filler has given me the fullness that eliminated the lip lines and gives me beautiful and sexy lips."
  • "I never realized you could lose the fullness in your lips. I'm so happy there is something I could do about it and that doesn't require surgery."
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