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Combat one of the earliest signs of aging! Frequently, people as young as their mid 30's notice a slight loosening of their cheek skin that begins to give them a tired look. Patients describe looking in the mirror and noticing how much younger they look when lifting their cheek skin. A mini-lift is a simple, easy procedure to keep you looking fresh and youthful!
common questions
Q: What is a mini-lift?
A: A mini-lift removes excess skin from the cheek region. In he average person, this is the area the skin loosens first, followed by the jaw and neck skin. Patients can appreciate the looseness in their cheek skin by putting their fingers on their cheek in front of their mid to lower ear and lifting the skin. If you have looseness here, you will immediately see a more youthful you. By catching this early, the cheek skin can be tightened in a very natural way and give a refreshed look to the face.

Q: What is the difference between a mini-lift and a facelift?
A: A mini-lift is for the person who only has loose skin in the cheek area, but is happy with their neck and jawline. A facelift is for looseness in the cheek, neck and jawline.

Q: How old do you have to be to have a mini-lift?
A: There is no age limit for having a mini-lift. If there is loose skin in the cheek region, then you could definitely improve your appearance with a mini-lift.

Q: Where is the incision placed for a mini-lift?
A: The incision is placed according to the patient's unique anatomy. If there is not a natural crease in front of the ear, the incision can simply be placed within the ear so there will be virtually no visible scar!

Q: It seems like my face is aging faster than my neck. Can his happen?
A: Yes. The face does usually age faster than the neck. That's why women in their 30's and 40's frequently have mini-lifts to retain their youthful appearance.

Q: I heard that laser resurfacing has eliminated the need for mini-lifts and facelifts. Is this true?
A: Laser resurfacing cannot be a substitute for a mini-lift or facelift. There are 2 kinds of wrinkles; those that are from loose skin and those that are actual lines or texture changes in the skin. For the best results, the cause of the problem should be identified and addressed. Mini-lifts and facelifts remove loose skin. Laser is for improving the texture of the skin. If you don't treat the primary cause of the problem, you will only compromise your result.

Q: How much time do I need to take off work to have a mini-lift?
A: Most patients take off between 7 and 10 days.

Q: Are people today having mini-lifts at a younger age?
A: Yes, with the emphasis on maintaining a more youthful appearance, many people opt not to wait, but prefer to be preventative and keep their youthful appearance rather than let it slip away.

  • "I love what a minilift has done for me. Dr. Kramer explained to me that I didn't need a full facelift, the minilift has really given my face a boost, especially after turning 40!"
  • "I could really begin to notice the loose skin in my cheeks and how it made me look older. Now I love the way I feel!"
  • "Surgery was so easy. When I went back to work, no one could guess I had surgery!"
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