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If you don't like your neck, whether it's sagging neck skin, a "turkey gobbler" or stringy neck bands, a necklift may be for you. A necklift is a simple procedure to tighten loose, sagging neck skin and smooth your neck contour.
common questions
Q: What is a necklift?
A: A necklift removes excess skin from the neck. The jowls and cheek skin stay the same. The most common patient for this procedure has what I refer to as a "genetic neck." This means they inherited a tendency for their neck to age in advance of their face. (In the average person, the face ages faster than the neck.) The excess skin is removed through an incision behind the ear, leaving a smooth neck contour.

Q: How much time do I need to hide-out for a necklift?
A: Most patients take off between 7 and 10 days.

Q: What is the difference between a necklift and a facelift?
A: A necklift is for the person who has loose neck skin, but is happy with their face and jawline. A facelift is to tighten loose skin in their cheeks, neck and jawline.

Q: I've seen some people with neck bands that look like strings pulling in their neck. What are these?
A: The vertical bands seen in the neck can be ridges of loose skin or bands that have formed from certain neck muscles separating and pulling apart. Whether it's a skin problem, muscle problem or both, they are easily corrected during a necklift.

Q: Why do some people get a "turkey gobbler" neck?
A: Genetics! Unfortunately, some inherit a genetic tendency for excessive looseness of the neck skin combined with excessive fat in the neck. This is very difficult since diet and exercise will not change the genetic cards that were dealt. But there is always a significant improvement by liposculpture and tightening the skin.

Q: Are people having neck or face surgery at a younger age today?
A: Yes, with the emphasis on maintaining a more youthful appearance, many people opt not to wait, but prefer to be preventative and keep their youthful appearance, rather than let it slip away.

  • "I used to hate my neck. I always had to wear turtlenecks. Now I have a terrific neck and can wear anything I want."
  • "I was amazed to see how fast my neck aged compared to my face. Having a neck lift helped to restore my youthful appearance, thank you Dr. Kramer!"
  • "My neck was already beginning to look like my mother's. I'm glad there was something I could do to reverse the process and stay looking like me."
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