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Why hide your legs? Sclerotherapy, or "spider vein injections" is a highly effective and simple way of erasing the ugly spider veins so that all you see are beautiful legs!
common questions
Q: I used to like my legs, but now I'm beginning to notice all these blue and purple spider veins. I hate to wear shorts now. Can anything be done?
A: Yes. Injecting the spider veins with a concentrated solution that causes them to collapse and fade away can make a tremendous improvement in the appearance of your legs. Many patients, after 1 or 2 sessions, are back to loving their legs again.

Q: How long does a treatment last?
A: A session usually lasts 30 minutes.

How do I know how many sessions I will need?
A: The number of sessions depends on the severity of your spider veins. At the time of consultation you will be given an idea of how many sessions you may need. Of the areas treated, most patients will notice at least 50-60% fading with one session!

Q: Are there any restrictions after having sclerotherapy?
A: Immediately after a treatment session you will be placed in medical grade stockings. Wearing medical grade stockings with proper compression is critical to ensuring the best results. They are snug and very comfortable and will be worn for the next 3 days. For the same 3 days, you should avoid pounding or jumping activities, as well as, prolonged sitting or standing. As you can see, sclerotherapy is simple, safe and does not interfere with most daily activities.

Q: Do spider injection veins hurt?
A: No. It's a very small needle, so that many times a patient only feels a slight pick, if anything!

Q: I've heard that spider veins get worse over time. Is this true?
A: Yes. Spider veins do tend to worsen over time. Many people are predisposed to having spider veins because of genetics, pregnancies and/or lifestyle. By taking an active approach and treating them as they occur, you can easily prevent them from becoming overwhelming in their appearance.

Q: My mother has horrible spider veins. They're so bad, that when you look at her legs that's all you see! Now I'm noticing that I'm getting them too. What can I do?
A: Treating spider veins before they get to your mother's severity is a smart solution. You cannot eliminate the tendency to develop spider veins, especially when you are genetically predisposed. But you can treat them as soon as you notice them, so that the appearance of your legs is never "overtaken" with spider veins like your mother's. With such an easy, quick solution to keeping your great legs, you are wise to plan ahead!

  • "No more spider veins! It's great to show off my legs and feel great about them again!"
  • "I thought there was no way I wouldn't have legs that looked like my mother's, with all the ugly spider veins. Having sclerotherapy gave me a way to prevent the legs I knew I would inherit."
  • "I can't believe what a difference spider vein injections have made for my legs. I can now wear shorts and skirts again without feeling self-conscious, thanks again Dr. Kramer!"
  • "It's so great to have the spider veins gone and even better to know that if I ever get them again, it's so simple to take care of!"
  • "If I had known this was so simple and painless, I would have done it long ago!"
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