sono bello tummy tuckPewaukee Tummy Tuck

Have you tried diet and exercise and are still not happy with how your stomach looks? A tummy tuck procedure is ideal for those who have excess fat or skin on the stomach and want to tighten and contour the abdomen.

Dr. Kramer will get you looking and feeling your best with a full or mini tummy tuck, and permanently change your body forever!

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Breast Augmentation & Breast Implants in Pewaukeebreast augmentation

From a breast lift to breast implants, breast augmentation procedures are very common, and can boost your confidence and make you feel like a new you. After a breast augmentation, patients tend to feel more womanly, feminine, and sexy. Clothes fit great, and you can finally feel your best in a swimsuit!

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sono bello liposuction

Pewaukee Liposuction / Lipo

Do you have unwanted fat that you simply can’t get rid of no matter how much you diet or exercise? Liposuction is for a focused pocket of fat that is out of proportion with the rest of your body. These pockets tend to bulge out and can become the focus of discontentment with your shape. Lipo can help you achieve a more even, proportionate, thinner, youthful silhouette!

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Body Contouring in Pewaukee 

Dr. Kramer is Wisconsin’s most trusted and experienced body contouring specialist. From fat removal and fat transfer to mommy makeovers, Dr. Kramer can do it all! She can contour your body to help you achieve the look and shape you’ve always wanted!

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