“Having just turned 40, I am a first-timer with cosmetic procedures and I’m excited to report that my expectations were exceeded with Dr. Kramer!

My first visit to Dr. Kramer was for a Juvaderm lip filler. I was warmly greeted by Amanda, the lovely Office Manager who took the time to explain the procedure and answer all of my questions and concerns, setting me at ease.

Shortly after, I met Dr. Kramer. Cordial and professional, she was thoughtful and precise in her assessment of my facial features as she listened to my lip enhancement goals, and then shared her ideas.

We decided one syringe would suit my lips. Dr. K. guided me through a few breathing exercises to reduce the pain as the filler was injected (this really helped!) and a few “pokes” later, the procedure was finished and I left the office to spend the day relaxing to avoid swelling. Within 5 days, my lips had achieved the full and balanced look of my dreams! My lips were exactly the shape and fullness I wanted, natural for my face and not overdone in any way.

My second visit to Dr. Kramer was for a forehead Botox treatment to smooth out the lines there and pause any further creasing. The brief injections caused very mild discomfort but once again, delivered results beyond my expectations.

Dr. Kramer has an incredible eye for what makes a woman look better, and applies top-grade enhancements/injections sparingly and professionally. Both of my treatments have made applying makeup/ lipstick more fun, and have been transformational in making me feel more beautiful and youthful.

Without a doubt, Dr. Kramer is a leader in the field of cosmetic procedures and has earned my loyalty and confidence!”

“I did my research to find a great doctor and after some interviews I found Dr Kramer. I had numerous consultations with other doctors and Dr Kramer was the only doctor who took time in our initial consultation to explain exactly what was going to happen. Dr Kramer even took time to explain recovery times and medication doses to my husband. My results were beyond my expectations. I would recommend Dr Kramer to anyone looking to have any body work done. Results are fantastic and she is just a great doctor.”


“I had such a great experience with Dr. Kramer. She answered all of my questions and listened to all of my concerns. I highly recommend her. She has 20+ years experience which is really important when looking for someone you can trust with your appearance.  So glad I was introduced to her!!”


“Dr.Kramer is not just another Surgeon-she is compassionate, knowledgeable, and an absolute perfectionist- a Doctor you can really trust. I have been a patient for almost 3 years. She really listens to you about what you want to see, and importantly what you do not want to see, and delivers it! I have become a forever patient of Dr.Kramer and can’t stop referring others to her! She makes what you think is impossible, possible!”


“My results from my Labiaplasty procedure are just amazing. Right away at my consultation Dr. Kramer made me feel very comfortable, with what to me was such an “embarrassing” subject. She was honest and gave me answers to all of my questions and helped prepare me 100% for what to expect during and after the procedure. I could tell immediately that she was an extremely detailed oriented surgeon and was going to take the time to make sure I got the best result possible. I felt completely confident in doing the procedure and had no hesitation she was the best plastic surgeon to go to.
The procedure was actually really easy and I did not experience anything “scary” like some of the things I had read about on the internet. I was so amazed at the results even immediately after the procedure, over time it just continued to get even better! The recovery was also much better than I expected also, I really did have a great experience from beginning to end. I HIGHLY recommend you look no further than Dr. Kramer if you are looking to have this procedure done, she changed my life and she can change yours too!”


“My entire experience was excellent from my initial consultation through my post surgery care and communication. Dr. Kramer and Amanda are exceptional and amazing. The level of care by Dr. Kramer and staff was highly professional, caring & the results were great. Dr. Kramer has gone above and beyond my expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone, thank you for making me happy and trusting you. Dr. Kramer is a great surgeon I will say the best one!! She really knows her business!”


“I visited Dr. Kramer when I was 60, and had been planning to have some surgery for several years to fix my “turkey neck”, something I inherited from my mother.  Dr. Kramer did an initial assessment, gently pointing to other areas that might need work.  “Start with something small,” was her very sound advice.

After a Botox treatment for my “angry” line between my eyes (which worked beautifully) I decided to begin with my crepe-y eyelids, which I too thought needed work.  My husband, however, sweetly vetoed: “There’s nothing wrong with your eyes!”  But, I knew this was love speaking, and decided to take Dr. Kramer’s advice.  It was a great decision.  I am 6 months post-op, and cannot even see the scar on one eye, and the other one is almost gone.  No one ever noticed, even when I had the invisible sutures still in!

Several months later, I took the bigger step of a mini face lift and neck band tuck.  I have been thrilled with the artistic work of Dr. Kramer.  I don’t look 30, but I don’t look any where near my now 61 years.  It is a natural and fresh look, and I don’t cringe any more when I look in the mirror.  And I”m only 2 months out!  (I did not opt for the neck lift because of financial considerations, but I may do that as well in a couple of years.)

I found the cost of the entire package very reasonable for the U.S.  An acquaintance went to Costa Rica to save money, and because of that could not have any followup appointments, something I valued, in addition to having a doctor I trusted.

Dr. Kramer and her staff are warm and helpful, and truly feel fulfilled by helping women look their best.  I would go back to her and trust her advice any time.  Something I look for in a professional is their passion for what they do, and Dr. Kramer has that in spades!”


” Before I made my appointment, I thoroughly researched specialists in the area from Milwaukee to Madison and Dr. Kramer’s credentials were outstanding. It pays to check out your doctors and clinics / spas prior to treatments. Is a licensed and experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon doing your procedures? What was their specialty prior to cosmetic procedures? Do you want a cosmetic surgeon who was a career gynecologist working on the delicate structure of your face?

From the moment I started my appointment with Dr. Kramer’s assistant I knew I made the right decision. She spent as much time as I needed answering my questions and explaining both the paperwork and what I should expect if I started procedure for filler after my complimentary consultation. That is another bonus. Many plastic surgeons charge in excess of $100 for a consult regardless of whether you decide to move forward. If you do I believe your consult is applied toward procedure, but not positive.

Dr. Kramer is wonderful, I’m pain averse and she was very good at talking me through the worst of the the numbing shots which were right under the nose where it’s so sensitive. Once numb, there’s no pain at all for the area above the upper lip to fill the vertical lines that come with age.

I’ll be back in a few weeks for round two with confidence. If you’re thinking about doing something for yourself, I’d strongly recommend visiting Dr. Kramer.”


“Dr Kramer is such a passionate surgeon. She actually listens to you and together works to achieve exactly what is best for you. I highly recommend her. She really is the best.”


“If you’re looking for a doctor who has your best interest in mind Dr. Lorelle Kramer is the one! She has a fantastic eye for proportion and knew what I needed even before I did. My treatment (lip filler) was so easy and painless I almost felt silly for being so nervous beforehand. Her and her staff do a fantastic job at calming any nerves and the results are damn good. I experienced zero problems and my lips now look even and proportioned with the rest of my face and with no lumps or bumps! I’m so satisfied with Dr. Lorelle’s work and will continue to recommend her to anyone in need of a great cosmetic surgeon.


“Dr. Kramer is an exceptional doctor. What I most love about her is that she has the eye of an artist and she knows how to achieve your desired result that appears very natural. If you are looking for a highly skilled doctor who has a wonderful bedside manner- she is the best there is. I first saw Dr. Kramer 18 years ago for a surgery and have been going back since then “for a little of this and a little of that.” I am always happy with the results and with the value she delivers. Truly an exceptional doctor and a wonderful person!”


“Dr. Kramer performed a tummy tuck on me in which I never imagined going through. As a person who fought obesity and had over 4 pregnancies the elasticity and the result of a 100 plus lb wait loss did not look ideal and left me very insecure. Both Dr. Kramer and Amanda were supportive and very honest. I recommend her especially to those who are sensitive as you need to have a doctor with honesty and integrity. As I am 4 months post partum, I look amazingly different and feel good. Never thought in a million years that I would feel so comfortable. This has been a life changing experience and would be willing to do this again.”

“I was a deflated 32c. I thought I would need a lift AND implants, BUT she made it happen WITHOUT a lift! I am now a 32 DD/DDD, and I could not be more happier! They are perky, lifted and full without having a lift! I highly recommend her ! She does what is best for her patients, not what is best for her wallet, like a lot of plastic surgeons do!”

“If you looking for a great tummy tuck look no further. I am about 2 Months post op and feeling great & looking great! I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. If you follow her guidelines you will not be disappointed.”

“I’m so happy I chose Dr. Kramer for my breast lift and tummy tuck/muscle repair. Surgery was January 20th and I am thrilled with my results. She is meticulous about planning the surgery and very thorough in helping with my post operative care. I would recommend her to anyone!”

“Dr. Kramer is an expert in Botox application. I used to go for Botox appointments every 3 months at other places, but now it lasts for at least 6 months from Dr. Kramer. You also see results the next day not two weeks! She ensures the product is fresh. You can really see the difference. Highly recommend Dr. Kramer. She also listens to all your needs and recommends realistic options.”

“Dr. Kramer was an EXCELLENT choice for the cosmetic procedure I had! She listens to you, engages with you and provides you with the most information I’ve ever been given from a physician. Her thorough coverage of the details about the surgery itself, what to expect immediately after and how to take care of yourself during recovery was wonderful so I was not surprised by anything. I am definitely happy with the outcome and would recommend the procedure and Dr. Kramer to my friends. Also, her staff was so friendly and welcoming, it was a joy to visit her office!”

“Dr. Kramer has been my aesthetic and cosmetic surgeon for the past 20+ years. I have had a number of plastic surgery procedures as well have been receiving fillers during these 20+ years. She is extremely competent and stays up to date in the field. In addition, she is thorough, caring, and interested in achieving your individual goals. She is meticulous in your treatment. I wouldn’t go to any other aesthetic and cosmetic plastic surgeon.”

“Dr. Kramer and her staff are amazing. She is an artist! I am so excited with my results and how much younger I look I’m ready to plan my next procedure..”

“Dr. Kramer was wonderful. I’d consulted with a different doctor before her and was left feeling uncomfortable and unsure. I met with Dr. Kramer and she really talked me through the experience, she really listened and understood why I was there. She took the time to explain everything so I was able to go into the surgery fully informed. She stayed fully involved throughout the healing process. And ladies, her work is beautiful. She turned worn-out, saggy (after 3 kids) breasts into amazing, super perky brand-new again breasts that are all me. The transformation is stunning. I absolutely recommend her to any woman ready to make a change for the better.”

“I did extensive research and visited a few plastic surgeons in the area. I am very happy I decided to go with Dr Kramer. I had a tummy tuck with lipo in late March of 2021. Before my procedure, I looked like i was 4 months pregnant. Its been 11 weeks since my procedure, and I am thrilled with my results. I lost 7 inches around my waist, and I no longer have that huge belly I used to. Not gonna lie, it was rough the first couple of weeks, but I am glad I was able to do it.”

“I had the most amazing experience with Dr. Kramer and her staff. They were all very welcoming at first and always a joy to see every time I came to the office. As a nurse, I knew what I could expect from surgery and was super comfortable and confident in the team at Dr. Kramer’s office. Sometimes people might feel some questions are dumb or repetitive, they are not. I too had slight nerves even thought I am around surgery everyday, and I asked questions to make sure I understood what to expect and was on the right track to recovery. Sometimes we blank when we are nervous and tend to forget and its okay. I got various hand outs of instructions to refer to throughout my recovery which were super helpful in moments of uncertainty about post-op care. Overall the team made me feel super confident in their care and work. My surgery turned out perfect and I’m so happy with my results. Thank you is not enough for the great care and compassion from everyone at the office it really does go a long way.”

“I had my surgery at the end of April. Dr. Kramer did an amazing job. She was very strict with restrictions after my surgery which did cut down on my recovery time. I am very happy with my results. If anyone asks me I would definitely recommend Dr. Kramer!”

“I had fillers done to my face June 17th and I am so amazed at the results. Dr.Kramer gave me exactly what I was praying for. She also listen and asked all the right questions to the point it made me feel so comfortable with dealing with her. I honestly can’t thank her enough and if I can give her a million stars I would! Oh and I must add that all the ladies that work in that office was so nice and welcoming I would suggest this place to anybody! Thanks again ladies!”

“I was very impressed with Dr Kramer at my consultation. She listened to me carefully as I told her about the changes I wanted to make on my 58 year old face. She gained my trust when she took her time studying my face. Dr Kramer explained what she would do to give me a natural rested look and made me feel very comfortable. I ended up scheduling for a lip filler and some botox. The day of my appointment, she again studied my face and proceeded to inject the filler (after numbing the area). She was like an artist. She would inject the filler then look at my lips then would add a little more. She did this until they were perfect. She took her time and made it look so natural. I am so very pleased with her work. I will definitely be scheduling a face lift with her.”

“I am so happy and thankful to say I made a great decision to do something great for myself! This is the best I have felt in 8 years! I was so excited to go through with this life changing event with the right team! Dr Kramer and her team are such caring and skilled people! She is a very fair and honest woman who actually cares about her patients! She truly just wants what’s best for you as patient! I absolutely recommend her! When you decide to take this step for yourself, please know you will not regret it and don’t let anyone else tell you, you don’t need it 💗”

“Dr. Lorelle and her staff are wonderful! They made my experience comfortable every step of the way. I had no doubt what so ever that I was in the very best hands when I chose her to do my surgery! 💜”

“Dr. Kramer was the best surgeon I could have asked for for my procedure. She and her team were there for me every step of the way, and were patient and attentive to my needs.”

“I had a BA with Dr. Kramer last year and am happy with the results she gave me. She is direct and stern, which may rub people the wrong way but I understand she wants you to follow through to achieve the best results and prevent future complications. She has the knowledge and expertise, so trust the process. The ladies in the office are always friendly and helpful as well.”